Friday, July 6, 2007

Spotlights - Another New Feature!

Recently a bunch of new features were added to the site, one of which is Spotlights. You can think of a spotlight as a cross between a story page and a comment. Here is one of the spotlights that I created about the Halifax Gazette.

Why would you want to add one yourself?
Well, there is a lot of content buried on the Footnote website that is just waiting to be discovered and shared. Spotlights are your opportunity to shine a light on those tidbits for others to see. Imagine that you are reading through the Halifax Gazette and you see an interesting article. You could send a link to the image to your friends in an email but then you're only sharing it with a few people. You could create a story page. But a story page seems like overkill for a quick comment, right? This is the perfect time for you to create a spotlight. This way instead of just sharing with your email contacts, you can easily share it with all your fellow Footnote members.

Check out what others have spotlighted and shine some light on your favorite Footnote content by creating some Spotlights.

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