Thursday, June 7, 2007

10 Million and Beyond

As humans, we generally have a fascination with the most significant digit on an odometer changing, whether that be special celebrations for birthdays or anniversaries that are multiples of ten or twenty-five, seeing a bank account reach a certain number of zeros or even just the clock hitting the top of the hour.

At Footnote, we've recently passed 10 Million images (across 52 titles) online, which is really just one click more on the odometer than 9,999,999, but it's still pretty cool. We are putting about 2 million digital images of original documents online each month so we're already well past 10,000,000 images and in a few months 10,000,000 will seem like chump change, just as 200,000 (the number of images we had a launch) seems like nothing now (we generally add that many images in two days).

Here are the excerpts of the blog post on the Blog: 10 million original documents and growing daily

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