Thursday, May 31, 2007

Footnote now in the LDS Family History Centers

FamilySearchSo this was originally announced a few weeks ago, but it's now live. If you haven't subscribed to Footnote at home, this is an opportunity to check out the content on the site through the LDS Family History Centers. Of course even if you don't subscribe, the hope is that you upload your own content and build a story page or two around your own family history which you can do with a free membership! Remember that there are several titles that are freely available and all user contributed content is always free to search!

The Footnote excerpt of the release says:

Footnote (

Footnote is a subscription-based website that features searchable, original documents that provide users a view of the events, places and people that shaped the American nation and the world. The site will have over 25 million digital images by the end of 2007. Footnote is currently working with FamilySearch to index the American Revolutionary War Pension files. Additional projects with FamilySearch are under development.

Individuals with Footnote subscriptions will be able to sign in with the same Footnote username and password they use at home in order to save, annotate, and upload content.

Here is a link to the full news item. It includes announcements about other sites that will be also available at the Family History Centers:

More Web Site Service Providers Team With FamilySearch

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